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A breath of fresh air

I declare myself a lover of beauty products, especially face creams. Let me tell you that La Mer has plenty of incredible products and each one specially designed with skin benefits. This is definitely one of my favorite beauty brands. I’ve been using their products for a while and I won’t lie to you, I’ve
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The tools for the perfect face

In today’s world we are full options to create our face routine, every day we see a new face tool pop up in our favorite beauty blog or our IG feed. But in this sea of beauty options how to choose the best tools for the perfect face? I have always thought that taking care
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My favorite red lipsticks

Why red? Red is not just a color, it comes along with lots of meanings that make women feel more confident and attractive, especially when talking about makeup. As history can tell, red lips originated in the ancient Mesopotamia and Rome, they got the red color from the inside of certain gems and applied it
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After the holidays passed, it’s important to remember that we’re still in full winter and that our skin needs special care during this season, as the cold weather can cause dryness, flaking and irritation. The products we use during summer will not likely be enough to counter the dry winter air’s effects, so I want
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For me, wellness has always been an essential part of my and my family’s life, and it can include different areas such as the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual among others, that’s why during these quarantine times, is especially important not to forget to do all those things we’ve been doing in all those
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Beauty picks: finding your signature scent

A travel memory, a moment in our life, someone dear to us. All that and more can be associated to a single scent, it is amazing how powerful perfumes are, so imagine what you could do if you had a signature scent. Scent, unlike our other senses, has the ability to be linked to a
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Women have a very special relationship with makeup, it helps us out to amplify our beauty and we have been using it since centuries ago, for example Greek women used charcoal as eyeshadow and white powder to lighten their skin. Some people criticize using makeup saying that it’s an attempt to hide behind a “mask”
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Skincare with Chanel

A healthy skin will always be your best friend. It makes you look fresh, happy and regardless of your age, it helps you to look beautiful. On my A healthy skin will always be your best friend, as that is what makes you look fresh and that’s maybe why on my Instagram, I’m always sharing
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I´m sure many of you have read and saw my different skincare routines here or on my Instagram, and I´m sure you have also seen in my stories some recipes I’ve shared with you that you may include in your beauty routines. This time I want to talk to you about the other part of
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We’ve heard a lot of times that beauty comes from the inside and I totally agree with that and today I want to talk to you about something that you’ve asked me a lot of times, and that I promised you in my Insta Stories I was going to do: my favorite supplements for skin