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NYFW 2019

New York fashion week is back, and back full force. It’s sad to say, but the truth is that this fashion week was in a huge down fall. There was very little interest by the industry, press, and fashionistas. It seems that a miracle occured because you could feel the love for fashion week at
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I say I

Maria Grazia characterizes for constantly promoting feminism and for transforming one of the most demurely feminine houses into one of the most outspokenly feminist, one of the most recent examples is  adding phrases like, the now iconic: “We should all be feminists” or “Why have there been no great women artists?” in her designs, and
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Mask Parade

My first show I enjoyed for fashion week in Milan was Gucci and, as you all know, catwalks are an amazing event. In this opportunity, they started to get us into a gothic and mysterious mood right from the start using a paper mache mask which represented an hermaphrodite. Alessandro created a collection which integrates
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Alexandre Vauthier FALL 2020 COUTURE

This was another collection focused on going back to the essentials, the brand’s core, and as the other brands have done during this Couture Season, Alexandre Vauthier’s return to the brand’s core is translated into pieces of undiluted beauty and exhuberance. In its short film we can see the models on the street, or on
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Haute Couture, the French exception.

Haute Couture is a tradition in the fashion world. Some of you have been asking me a lot of questions about this and I would love to share some facts with you. The origins of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture began with the designer Charles Fredrick Worth who was the first designer that labeled his creations and
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After some amazing collections and shows during Milano’s Fashion Week, today I had the opportunity of seeing the show of one of the brands closest to my heart and one that I was so excited to see: Dior. And let me tell you, it was absolutely impressive. What was noticed immediately was the choir’s voices
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Ralph & Russo is a brand inspired by the modern woman, who transmits a youthful and radiant vibe. Its new collection leaves no doubt about this statement. Once again Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo made it. It is surprising to think about when they were a small couture atelier, which now has become an important
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B is for Balmain

After some seasons in which I haven’t attended the Balmain show, today I can say the show was spectacular! Olivier Rousteing was inspired by his personal life, as an adopted he has always been asking questions about his roots, heritage and adaptation in society. Therefore, he created an inclusive collection that, no matter where you come from you’ll
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The models arrived at first with black and white tweed jackets that step by step they became into large mohair sweaters styled with wrinkled gloves and I ́m pretty sure that underneath there was a knife over-the-knee Balenciaga like boots from the same material as the gloves. The boots and the gloves were a beautiful
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Have you noticed that summer is just around the corner? Have you started to feel the unique summer’s vibe? I have! And I’m so excited to start sharing with you all the things that are made just for summer and I want to start with sandals. I absolutely adore shoes, I think they can completely